The VIA Program

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Designed and developed by Veolia, VIA is a major initiative to support green growth around the world by promoting the development and deployment of leading clean technologies in partnership with entrepreneurs.


Why join ?

Unlike a number of corporate funds, the Veolia Innovation Accelerator does not invest into companies. Our goal is to promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem by bringing access to more markets, pilot sites and our strong R/D capability. We believe that innovation will drive our own competitiveness and  deliver more value to our customers and the citizens of tomorrow. The program was launched in 2010, since then, we have worked with more than 400 innovators and their technologies.



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How does it work ?

Every year, Veolia identifies key areas of interest, and sets calls for proposals. Internally this means a committee of decision makers – R&D, Marketing, Purchasing and operational staff - will be evaluating and selecting the best available solutions for specific topics.

Once submitted your application will be handled by a dedicated project manager and a R&D specialist. Our structured approach allows us to manage technical evaluations in a timely fashion, as we are moving through each step of the process you will receive a documented feed back.

At the end of the evaluations, the top innovators are invited to pitch their solutions in front of our innovation board. This is a great way to :

•    Meet key decision makers at Veolia
•    Benefit from a high visibility across the whole group (newsletters)
•    Register in our purchasing database
•    Start discussions and generate partnerships

Areas of interest



Our employees work closely with our customers around the world to develop creative solutions designed to integrate and adapt cutting-edge technology to local needs.

The Veolia Innovation Accelerator covers every facet of Veolia Environnement's expertise in a bid to step up this green growth:


Drinking water

  • Quality of water networks
  • Desalination
  • High-performance solutions
  • Asset management
  • Water ressource management



Environmental Services

  • Industrial Waste
  • Recycling & Waste recovery
  • Waste collection
  • Thermal treatment
  • Biological treatment


New services

  • Environmental impact
  • Smart cities
  • CO2 management
  • Electrical vehicles & infrastuctures



  • Industrial wastewater management
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Innovative systems and existing WWTP


Energy performance


  • Heating & cooling
  • Local energy conversion
  • Biomass
  • Smart building & smart grid 
  • Industrial utilities






Message from Antoine Frérot

« In creating VIA, the company has leveraged its position as a technology integrator to contribute to collective innovation and make it available to as many people as possible. »

Editorial by Hervé Suty

« Together, we can strengthen mankind's confidence in the future. »

Message from Jeff Green

« Veolia has long been an advocate for innovation in water technology. Working with Veolia, one of the leading companies in the global desalination industry, will accelerate the adoption of NanoH2O's nanocomposite reverse osmosis membranes worldwide to change the fundamental economics of Desalination


bg-list-arrow-green.png Message from Don Perugini